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How To Increase Your 2go Star To Ultimate Within A Month

I am delighted to share with you this 2go booster application that work wonders, with this 2go application you can boost your 2go star to Ultimate by just following the procedure to get it done. Am sharing this 2GO Star Booster Tweak for those of you that have been asking how can somebody increase 2GO star.
It works on all GPRS mobile phone, and only Etisalat or Glo Network and do make sure you don't have any Active Bundle or Credit on your Phone else it won’t work for you.
=> The Scope is if you have Credit or You're on a Data Bundle, You will be Logged in Normally but if you don't have any, It will just be connecting and Disconnecting, Leaving you partially Online and Offline.

1. Download the 4-in-1 2GO App (
Here,  or here to Download) (This is an App that Contain 4 2GO)

2. After Downloading, Log in to your Account on the 4 Different 2GO, Use the * button to Minimize 1 for the Other, After that you will see Logging In or Starting 2GO, Just Leave it like that.

3. Repeat the Step for like 4 Hours a Day, Try this for 7 Days and you will be Surprise where your 2GO Star will reach.


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